Over 2 MILLION dust mites in an average bed. When was the last time you cleaned your bed? 

Though it is true that dead skin will heavily accumulate in one's bed, that doesn't mean that it cannot make its way elsewhere. In fact, just about any type of fabric, be it carpeting, curtains or even cloth furniture, can attract dead skin cells. A strict and regular cleaning regimen, with the aid of a steam vapour cleaner, is enough to kill off most dust mite populations and slow their eventual return.

We do not clean Memory Foam

Beds should be cleaned at least once per year, if nothing else you must vacuum your bed monthly, this will help to remove dander and dead skin from getting out of hand, as this is the food source for the mites, when people sneeze and cough and have runny eyes, this is the allergic reaction from the feces they are having. regular cleaning is the answer.

We have invested in a 350 degree dry vapour machine to help with cleaning mattresses and pillows.

Other things we clean using this method.

  1. Granite and marble counter tops
  2. Leather seats in vehicles
  3. Tile and grout cleaning
  4. Bathroom shower stalls
  5. Fabric furniture that does not need to be steam cleaned, but needs dust mite removal